Best British Short Stories 2021



Edited by Nicholas Royle

My previous reviews of Nicholas Royle: Salt Publishing: Best British Short Stories:

Stories by Tom Bromley, Yasmine Lever, Meave Haughey, Simon Okotie, AJ Ashworth, Uschi Gatward, Emma Bolland, Gary Budden, Mel Pryor, Hilaire, Alice Jolly, Julia Armfield, Roberta Dewa, John Foxx, Jen Calleja, Douglas Thompson, Isha Karki, Matthew Turner, Josephine Galvin, Iphgenia Baal.

For anyone interested in modern short stories, I would be grateful if they could please mention to others my endless journey into the stories of Elizabeth Bowen whom I consider to be the greatest experimental and traditional pioneer of these. I don’t think any reviewer has travelled such a public journey before, with amazing discoveries along the way, including her many elBOWs! This includes her collected, uncollected and once previously unpublished stories. I am currently about two shadowy thirds through this literary adventure, and it started here:

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Nightscript #7



Edited by C. M. Muller

My previous reviews of Nightscript and C.M. Muller:

Stories by Clint Smith, Joshua Rex, Douglas Thompson, Timothy Granville, Elin Olausson, Gordon Brown, David Surface, Douglas Ford, Alexander James, Jason A. Wyckoff, Rhonda Eikamp, Steve Toase, Tim Major, Ashley Stokes, Regina Garza Mitchell, Marc Joan, Danny Rhodes, Charles Wilkinson, LC von Hessen.

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The Neo-Decadent Cookbook


Edited by Brendan Connell & Justin Isis

My previous reviews of this publisher:

Work by Brendan Connell, Justin Isis, Ross Scott-Buccleuch, David Rix, Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze, Jason Rolfe, Daniel Corrick, Colby Smith, Jessica Sequeira, Quentin S. Crisp, Damian Murphy, Douglas Thompson, Ursula Pflug, Lawrence Burton.

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Edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley


Work by Paul Stephenson, Elaine Ewart, Gary Budgen, Sarah Westcott, Cheryl Pearson, Holly Heisey, Oliva Edwards, Scott Hughes, James Dorr, Kerry Darbishire, Jonathan Edwards, Tonya Walter, Lauren Mason, Setareh Ebrahimi, Ian Steadman, Kate Wise, Frank Roger, Jayne Stanton, William Stephenson, Sandra Unerman, Megan Pattie, Kristin Camitta Zimet, Douglas Thompson, Amanda Oosthuizen, Lindsay Reid, Tarquin Landseer, Elaine Ruth White, David Hartley, Diana Cant, Mary Livingstone, Bindia Persaud, Michael G. Casey, Jane Burn, Jane Lovell, Tracey Emerson, Jenny Grassl, Kerry Darbishire, Hannah Linden, Ian Kappos, Jason Gould.

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