Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature – Terry Grimwood


Eibonvale Press 2021

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10 thoughts on “Affairs of a Cardiovascular Nature – Terry Grimwood

  1. A neato booklet of over 60 pages….



    A nemisised suicide by an eventual nemonymous character once called VEIDT.
    Nifty concept of how to kill a moment of “passion” by reviving a lifelong one.
    Strangely, about half an hour ago, before picking up this booklet to read for the first time, I reviewed here a story by an author named VEIT. The husband in that story was called ‘Des’.


    “…and it is coming, you will be isolated, incommunicado, non-communicational. Lonely. No one will be able to talk to you. Not even your own family.”

    Good! I am that grizzled old smelly curmudgeon imagined by this short work first published in 2015! I relish the time given for reviewing books without interruption from my outdated communication system, even with barely enough WiFi to get such reviews out to you! And, oh yes, that rainy day I always predicted against the grain of optimism has arrived with a vengeance and I enjoy living off my hoarded savings instead of leaving them to others! I told you so!

    “And did those feet…” William Blake

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    I had to finish this fiction dialogue from 2008 between a woman called Judy and an airport Police Psychologist entry officer called Anita in order to realise that it was a prophecy of the testing regime today when you come from abroad — here with the metaphor of one’s inner desires and sexual chemistry with one’s original spouse and the loosening of morals by dint of too easy a divorce now made illegal …. I think.
    Makes you think, at least. A mistry that chemistry is spelt with a k in the title. Any comments to supplement my comments on this work would be welcome below.


    From the above affairs of a Kafkaesque nature of Kemical Kompatability in sexual and emotional relationships and the moral compasses involved, to these affairs of engaged couples with ‘compatibility’ of hearts given to each other – by literal transplant! A farce and whodunnit with P.G. Wodehouse-like characters, involving several intertwining motives, and featuring, inter alia, much blood and guns.
    This undoubted unique plot idea would also be even more brilliant for lovers of such bravura with further extramoral prestidigitations upon a theatrical stage.


    A wild extrapolation of the famous nursery rhyme, the one involving vinegar and brown paper. Actually, thinking about it, not so wild as I assumed? The questions asked here needed to be asked. Not before time.

  7. WAR WAR

    Another theatrical dialogue of jaw jaw between two kakistocracies, a performance of Kafkaesque inscrutability of motive between them, by fabrication of war, where collateral damage could arguably become collateral enriching, even by mutual suicide or by whatever needs must in the playpen of the world’s nationhoods today, as constructively-destructively assimilated by the deployment of dubious tactical or strategic examples in past history.

    This chap’s booklet is thick full of wildly productive brainstorming ideas, as optimised from dubious genres of fiction and disguised as another genre called truth.
    Mind-zapping even if you’re dead.


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