Big-Headed People


THE FLIES, a story by Preben Major Sørensen (born 1937)

‘Is this Mr. N.N.?’ I nod.”

As indeed I am …
accused here of having started a ‘gigantic fire’ around the world!

I wonder how I have missed out on this author’s disarming work before now.
These are translations, I see, from his original language. I raise a glass of Dubonnet to him across the width of words.

“…in a world that, by definition, has no end and in which the finite and infinite do not regard each other as opposites.”

Above is an extract from my ongoing review here:

PREBEN MAJOR SØRENSEN: A ‘Major’ discovery indeed!

everything Flies…

global warming about to be decoupled? (Heather Horsley 2011 cover)

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