Succeeding to Fail

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The parts are always greater than the whole.
But I ever plug away at the whole while no longer contributing original parts to this whole myself!l
At least I may become more known for failing than other writers are for succeeding!



I spent most of the Nineties and Noughties writing, disseminating and, yes, self-gratifyingly reading my own works, after spending a lifetime before that, from the Fifties, reading mainly other writers dead and alive. This current period of the Tensies and Twenties so far represents hopefully my redemption by reading and disseminating the world’s great works — by utilising, in passions of reading moments, whatever empirical power there is in my own words to express something permanent about these other writers’ works as an evolving gestalt, their works being greater far than my own works… but a redemption perhaps even more pretentious and self-gratifying than what it redeems? Empirical perhaps, on my part, but even empiricism can be fallacious when interpreting books? And the recurrent metaphor of swimming in this section of Power’s pages reminds me that I have never been able to swim… (as written here today, 12 August 2021)

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