Reviewing Announcement


For a few years now, I have been downsizing my paper books, by selling existing ones (here) and keeping the purchase of new ones to a minimum. I hereby announce that, from today, I will sadly not be buying any new paper books, but buying only published Kindle or Epub books.  

If you are a publisher who wants me to continue reviewing your already published books, please let me know if they are digitally available to purchase for the specific purpose of my reviewing, even if they are otherwise not digitally available. 

If you are an author who would like me to review your book, please persuade your publisher to allow this method for me.

My purchasing such books in this way does not guarantee a review or the speed with which I will carry out such reviews, but I am determined  to keep up my pace of reviewing. And, as before, I shall only choose books that are likely to be conducive to my style of gestalt real-time reviewing.

[Please do not suggest sending me unpublished PDFs for review.
My purchasing PDFs of already published books, though, may be acceptable.]

EDIT (5 March 2022):

Since my last announcement above, a number of writers have been informing me of their new works being on Kindle or Epub. I have taken up one or two of these, by buying them.
Please do not assume I even know about your book at all!

If your book fits your assessment of my literary taste, please tell me!

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